Begin Again


Day 1

I consider the day I walk in for my first ultrasound and start my first shot to be Day 1 of IVF. That day happens to be today since my ultrasound was so wonderfully scheduled for me by my nurse at 6:45 am. I guess technically Day 1 was sometime last month when I started birth control for the cycle before this one. But– after 5 failed IVFs, you get to start making your own rules. Really, though, you should be making some of your own rules from the beginning. It has taken me 5 IVFs and 6 years of trying to start a family to learn that.

Shots start tonight. So here we go again. Let’s begin.


2 thoughts on “Begin Again

    • Me too! There’s always so much going on (in a good way, though)! Thanks for your love and support; it means a lot 🙂 MWAH!


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