Waffles & Eggs

image*This photo is actually a Re-gram from the Waffle Hauzz’s Instagram page. We ate our meal so fast that we didn’t even think to capture its beauty.

Day 13

Last night, at 11:00, in a stroke of genius, I decided we needed to hit up the local Waffle Hauzz. (Yes, it is spelled that way.)

So many waffles, so many toppings. Breakfast sandwiches, regular sandwiches, grilled cheese, smoothies, ice cream. Open until 2 am on the weekends! It is every college kid’s dream… as well as every 34 year old infertile woman’s. I got a Belgian waffle with fresh blueberries, butter, syrup, whipped cream, and a Nutella drizzle. Hubby got a breakfast sandwich… in between two waffles with syrup in each bite.

This morning my husband pointed out that Waffle Hauzz is just a few doors down from a large sign saying “Jesus Lives”. I replied, “Yeah, he lives at Waffle Hauzz!!!”

We have talked about this late night meal so much today that I almost forgot that we were in the hospital yesterday and expecting a fertilization update today. When they hadn’t called by 3:00, I speculated,

“Maybe they all died and they don’t know how to break the news to me.”

Crown me Queen of Dramaland.

I felt a little panicky remembering that you have to be ready for anything with IVF. I mustered up some courage and told myself that maybe something happened because it’s Sunday and they would call tomorrow.

At 4:30 the phone rang, I answered it, and as the nurse from MGH began to speak, my phone froze. I could see the call was still running, but I couldn’t hear anything. BAM! All logic and centeredness went out the window. It was as if I thought this was my only chance in the world to hear if I had embryos. Obviously this woman would call me back. Oy vey!

I somehow managed to unfreeze the screen and get back to the call. I used a technique known as “pounding your finger on your phone screen”. When I heard the nurse’s voice, I realized she had already read my results and luckily didn’t hear me frantically yelling, “Hello? HELLO?” on the other end. She started again:

13 eggs were retrieved.

12 eggs were mature.

9 eggs fertilized.

This is the most I’ve ever had. Even to have 12/13 mature eggs, makes me feel like less of a failure in life!

I know I’m trying to let go of the numbers, but until embryo transfer day (tbd), can I just hold onto those ones?


9 thoughts on “Waffles & Eggs

  1. These blogs are all so beautifully written, so beautifully you, and so funny (obviously), even in the midst of a serious and hard thing. I know we haven’t been in touch much, but I am rooting for you and praying for you and feel pretty proud and impressed with who you are and what you are doing. Glad you’re still existing and existing so well because here I am, still existing, and as we know…


    • My dear friend, thank you so much for those words. They meant a lot to me! I am proud of you for existing to well! Good luck with the beginning of the school year. Love you!


  2. They will be perfect. Hi I wanted to let you know I’m Lynn the author of Sperm Tales and I know you have been through quite the time, but I hope the book helped you out. You’ll do great this cycle…..


    • Hi Lynn! Thanks for introducing yourself. Your book is great and you’re doing a great thing educating people about this touchy subject. I actually did get assisted hatching on my last cycle for the first time and am getting it again this cycle. Thanks for your encouragement!


      • I’m so glad you enjoyed the book, it will be out soon…I would love, if you passed the good news about the book to others….As you know the next segment of 2WW is the hardest part for a lot of women, relax, go to the beach. You are very positive this cycle and you are getting help when needed it and I look forward to the next blogs covering that point in time. Many prayers coming your way…Lynn


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