My Buddy


Day 20

Seeing as I have been pretty cranky and tired all day today, I’m going to try to keep this blog short and positive tonight. Plus, it seems about time that I introduce you to my constant companion.

This is Buddy.

10 years ago at the beginning of September, I flew to Puerto Rico to visit my then-fiance who had gotten a job as an English teacher in a high school in Guaynabo. I packed only vacation clothes, sundresses, and bikinis. Little did I know that I was going to very soon be needing something more professional. The school had already started and they were in desperate need for a second English teacher. I spoke English so I was hired on the spot. I taught 10th and 12th grade while my fiance taught 9th and 11th. We were officially “the high school English department” and I was set up in a house nearby while my fiance was living with his dad.

Since the house was owned by the school, I had student teachers occasionally staying there with me but it would get pretty lonely at times. Plus, I was living in an entirely new place and doing an incredibly hard job that I had zero experience in. One night shortly after my arrival, a stray came to my door. I stared out my sliding glass door and shuddered thinking about all the strays that were going to be begging me for food.

I hated cats.

But he couldn’t be ignored for long, and I began to feel sorry for him, especially since he was the only stray that was coming by. At the suggestion of my mom, I put a box outside my door with a towel in it. The next morning I found him curled up inside. After that I spent many nights with my new friend curled up in my lap while I graded piles of papers. I was soon taking him to get fixed and get shots and then buying him a ticket to fly back to the states to live permanently.

I discovered I am a cat person… maybe in a crazy-cat-lady sort of way.

Buddy has been with Ben and me through our engagement and our entire marriage. We are a 3 unit family. He was there when we started to build a home in our rented apartment and moved with us when we bought our own place. He has comforted me through family cancer, the loss of dear friends and loved ones, and my own hearing loss and infertility. I’ve sat on the floor crying, only to have him come from out of nowhere to comfort me. Every time we sing a worship song, he wants to cuddle up and be held. And he’s reminded me of God’s simple pleasures in life, one of the fun gifts he has put on this planet… little soft, furry, living creatures. Most of all he has reminded me of God’s ability to know what we want when even we don’t know. What a wonderful thing!

I thought I hated cats but it turns out he knew I was a cat lover. He must have known I was going to need a lot of love and comfort for the next decade or more.

I only hope everyone can find a good buddy.


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