I’ve been thinking about this word since the last day of November when a friend posted the following excerpt from O Holy Night on Facebook:

A THRILL of hope

the weary world


for yonder breaks

a new




I love thinking about the THRILL of hope. It is thrilling, isn’t it, to have hope?

I’m really into Christmas. Growing up it always felt hopeful. As I look back, I think it was because our family would get together again, my parents’ business would be booming, and things would seem renewed in some way. And behind all these events, Christmas music would be playing, lights twinkling, and things baking in the oven. It’s why, even though this time of year gets hectic at moments, I never tire of it. I see people groan or roll their eyes at the details that I find joyous and I don’t get mad at them. I feel kind of bad that they haven’t had positive experiences while music is playing and the lights are twinkling. I’m sorry they didn’t get to bake cookies with my mom and see my dad shout Merry Christmas to his customers while whipping up batches of sweet-smelling caramel corn.

Then some thrills fade away, like when the family business closes down or when you live too far to keep up all the traditions. That doesn’t mean that hope is gone, though, it just means we need to look for the thrill in new things… and play that music and twinkle those lights along with the new events and experiences.

Luckily, there is one constant thrill of hope that we don’t have to look for as it’s just always there. Like the song says, God gave the weary world a new and glorious morn.

For me, I have to grasp tight to that because everything else can and does change so quickly.

My birthday is also during the Christmas season and last year, if you recall, I had a really depressing birthday. Everything I did was fun, but my heart was very broken at the time. I was not very hopeful at all.

This year, my husband and I met with an expectant mother on my birthday.

And she told us the next day that she “chose us”.

The lines right before those lyrics above read:

Long lay the world

in sin and error


til He appeared

and the soul

felt its


I love thinking about the world PINING for a savior. I can relate to this word. The feeling of wanting something so deep that you feel it in your soul.

And then God gives it to you?

Heck yeah your “weary world rejoices”.

It’s not certain these babies will be ours and it won’t be until our birth mom makes her final decision. She has until 2 days after they’re born to change her mind… but I’ve waited this long.

Yeah, I said babies.

Because there are two.

O Holy—-


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